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F-4 Phantom - Full Motion

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  • Available 7 days a week
  • Suitable for age 12+
  • Height & Weight limit 6'4ft, 21 stone
  • Location: Peterborough


Experience the ultimate in jet fighter immersion with our F-4 Phantom Simulator, featuring a flown aircraft with a fully operational cockpit and instruments. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you strap in and get ready to be catapulted off an aircraft carrier, rocketing to 160mph in just 3 seconds! It's the most immersive jet fighter experience you'll find in the UK!

  • Take the controls of an ex RAF F-4 Phantom aircraft, complete with its original

  • The simulator combines detailed visual systems, surround sound and hydraulic motion
    to recreate a realistic flying experience.

  • It doesn't matter if you have never flown or are an experienced pilot. Sessions are
    tailored to existing flying ability

  • A range of situations can be simulated such as day and night landings, aircraft carrier
    ops, bad weather, air turbulence and even in-flight emergencies

  • Vouchers Valid for 12 Months

Take a closer look

Real Cockpit

You are stepping into a piece of history. Our F-4J was built from a flown aircraft which served for the US Navy. The airframe was retired and stored. It was later acquired by the RAF and turned into a training simulator by Ferranti.

Full Motion

The simulator sits on top of a powerful hydraulic motion platform. The sim movement reacts to your inputs & the environment around you. Feel
been thrown back into your seat as you open the thrust up. It's a totally unique experience!

Bring a Guest

One guest can watch from the simulators control desk

OR why not upgrade to a 'DUO' session and share in this once in the lifetime experience together.

Collimated Visual System

With collimated displays, images are displayed in a straight line, mimicking how we naturally perceive objects in the real world. The image maintains a sharp focus across the entire screen, making visuals that feel as though they extend beyond the screen.

What our customers say...

F-4 Phantom - Full Motion

F-4 Phantom - Full Motion

Regular price   £125.00 Sale price   £99.00

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