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Virtual Type Rating (Advanced)

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About the course

Whether you have no flying experience at all, a pilot of the future or a retired professional. Our advanced type rating will give you all the skills needed to fly like a commercial Airline Pilot. On successful completion you will be able to take advantage of our simulators solo hire rates. Cadet's are also invited back to act as instructors on our public experience flights.

All our virtual type rating courses are run by real Boeing 737 airline pilots!

The course is split into 5 modules. Each module is 10 hours simulator instruction. You can choose to split your course over a schedule that works around you.

Module 1 – General Handling
Module 2 – Introduction to navigation and instrument flying
Module 3 – Advanced instrument flying
Module 4 – Multi Crew & Jet Transport
Module 5 – Line Orientated Flight Training

What's covered?

Mod 1 is all about learning to fly the aircraft. You will start with the take off, achieving straight and level flight before moving onto  manoeuvres  such as climbing, descending, turns and then incorporating them together. We cover effects of flight controls moving into slow flight and stalls. Finally we bring it all together and teach you how to land a heavy jet. Ground school will cover principles of flight and basic navigation.

Mod 2 Intro to IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). We blank out the visuals and learn to fly with refence to the flight instruments. Heard of VOR,NDB,DME, ILS? You will become a pro at navigation using these ground based radio beacons.

Mod 3 We will teach you how to apply what you've learned so far in an airline multi crew environment. You will start to fly procedures with reference to navigational charts using airline standard operating procedures.

Mod 4 We will introduce category transport systems such as automated flight and look and the benefits and risks of those systems. You will deal with engine failures and other non normal situations. You will also cover advanced manoeuvres such as terrain escape, wind shear escape and TCAS resolutions.

Mod 5 Focuses specifically on Line flying. One of the biggest challenges a cadet pilot faces is moving from the type rating course to flying on the line. In this module we will give you a flavour of what life in line training looks like.

Each module is priced at £800 if paid separately or £3,500 total if paid in advance (£700 per module).

We provide all training material, ground school, debriefs and check ride. Upon course completion you may be offered the opportunity to join our pool of talented instructors to offering members of the public a taste of flying our simulators.

We treat the simulator like it is a real aircraft with each flight starting with the engines off, you will be responsible for push back, engine start and pre-flight checks, programming the flight management computer and taxiing the aircraft to the runway, you will then undertake multiple flights with each commencing with a thorough briefing and ending with a debriefing. 

Upon successful completion your instructor will award you your virtual Boeing 737 type rating by signing and presenting you with your personalised certificate of achievement. 

This course is suitable for those aged 13 and above. You do not need an aviation background or need to have any previous experience, only a willingness to learn.

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Virtual Type Rating (Advanced)

Virtual Type Rating (Advanced)

Regular price   £4,250.00 Sale price   £3,500.00

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