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Fear of Flying


A fear of flying is far more common than most people think. According to research, up to 17% of people have some form of a fear of flying.


Our Aerospace eXperience flight simulator fear of flying course is different from many of the large group type courses run by the airlines, our approach is 1 to 1 with an airline pilot creating a much more relaxed and personal environment where you set the pace and we freely encourage you to ask as many questions as you want and at any point during the session.


We have created a 90 minute fear of flying course which will give you more knowledge of the processes and procedures that are in place and what to expect  when flying, but also the safety aspects of a modern commercial aircraft that ensure you are safe.

The fear of flying course consists of the following:


  • An overview of the physics of flight and how an aircraft stays in the air
  • Explore some of the common myths and misconceptions people have about flying
  • Listen to examples of the noises you will hear when flying and what they actually mean
  • An overview of the aircraft systems
  • The safety features found in commercial aircraft


We will then move onto the simulator which is a complete replica of a real aircraft flight-deck. Where you will then complete a short flight where you can talk to your pilot at any time, some customers even decide to have a go at the controls!


Which will consist of the following:


  • The Aircraft will be on the runway with the engines running and be ready for takeoff, we do this is to ensure that you have enough time in your session to complete a flight
  • You will be given a brief introduction to the flight controls, primary flying displays  and various other systems in the aircraft
  • You will take control (if you want) of the aircraft and execute a successful takeoff, guided by your instructor
  • Following takeoff you will be shown the different ways we control the aircraft in each phase of a flight
  • After which you will then be given instructions on how to prepare the aircraft for landing
  • You will fly the aircraft on to the approach at your destination on route to landing
  • You will execute a successful landing


During and after the flight we will discuss any concerns that you may have or areas where you may not have felt comfortable but by this point most people are feeling elated at their achievement they have made in understanding and controlling of their emotions.


Finally your instructor will sign and present you with your personalised fear of flying course certificate of achievement.

Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying


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